Snackbot Vending RATT

Swipe your RFID to pay for things with Snackbot. The credit card on file with your MakeIt Labs Membership will be charged.

Since there is a fixed credit card fee associated with every transaction (big or small), you can defray this cost by charging to your credit card, and keeping a balance in your account for future purchase.

As shown on the left column - if you make a purchase and have that amount in your account, the amount will simply be deducted.

If you do not have a sufficient balance to cover the purchase, you may charge the balance to your credit card - or more. The remaining balance will be added to your account. The screens to the right will show you what your current balance is, what your purchase price is, the service fees and remaining balance will be going foward.

Check your Transactions

To check your current balance and see a statement of all your tranansaction, log into your AuthIt account at:

...and Click on the "Vending" icon

The screen will itemize all transactions you have placed. (Read chronologically from the bottom, up)