Garage Bike

There is a bike available for casual use by members. It is hanging in the garage space.

Important notes:

    • The rope has a loop in the end, and a stopper knot to prevent the bike from quite reaching the floor. This is by design, to avoid the ropes going slack and tangling, as well as avoiding "floppy bike syndrome" while putting the bike back up.

    • It is hanging on a rope lift. Please put it back when finished, and secure the hooks when they are not in use.

    • Take care to not twist the ropes, or jump the rope off of the pulleys.

This bike is best used when

    • you have your vehicle disassembled and you realize that through lack of planning, unfortunate accident, or untimely breaking you are lacking something from Fisher Auto Parts down the street.

    • you just HAVE to have a McD's burger at 2 am, and don't or can't drive.

    • Or maybe you just need to think and go for a bike ride around the parking lot.

Ways to not use the bike:

    • crashing into things

    • stunt riding

    • doing sweet jumps

    • balancing on a railroad rail and trying to outrun a train