Some advertising ideas:

  • Postings through the local community center

  • Church bulletin boards

  • Pay kids to spread flyers across the land

  • Get stickers and hand them out like candy (needs new logo)

  • Go to hackery-events, pass around brochures. (brochure in member files)

  • The Hippo and Broadcaster would probably be glad to do a story on us. Telegraph was huge success.

Things to do right away:

    • Create a one page 8x11 that can be posted anywhere members see fit.

    • Contact public access and ask about advertising time.

Ideas about relationships to start forming with local community organizations and local outlets:

We need to discuss how we can involve children and students in activities at MakeIt. My first instinct is through classes but maybe a child/supervisor membership level or events just for families.

Todo note: Need to make accounts on vimeo and eventbrite. Board needs access to twitter and youtube accounts.