Eventbrite Guide

Class basic Elements:

    1. Decide what class you’d like to teach.

      1. What are you good at? What are you passionate about?

      2. #space-classes may be a good place to check for interest.

      3. Make a list of a few clear goals for those taking the class.

    2. Determine what part of the space would be best suited to your class

      1. For some things, this will be obvious; woodturning classes won’t be in the cleanspace.

      2. For events that require computer use, the cleanspace is the natural first choice

      3. For other events, the Main Conference room is the default option.

      4. The Eagle Conference Room is currently another available space, but eventually the renovation plan will greatly reduce this option.

    1. Decide when you are hosting the class.

      1. People generally prefer evenings and weekends.

      2. Check the calendar for conflicts. (calendar link)

      3. Most people have found that picking a date for a class that they'd like to teach but aren't ready yet forces them to commit and get the class prepared. Jump in and swim!

Get Eventbrite and Facebook Permissions:

    1. To post MakeIt Events, you’ll need a fresh new Eventbrite account (create one with your @makeitlabs.com email address)

    2. Then, ask in the classes channel in slack to add your new Eventbrite account to the MakeIt Labs EventBrite account. You will be able to create new classes, but you won’t see other classes unless the author specifically adds you to it. If you are basing a class off of a similar past one, you can coordinate with the previous class facilitator.

    3. To enable sharing to Facebook, ask to be added to the MakeIt Facebook page as an editor. Any of: Jay Francis (@jay.francis), JV (@newts), Jennifer Cote (@jennifercote), Adam Shrey (@adam) can add you as an editor.

Populate the Eventbrite fields:

Throughout this process, you can save the event without making it live. This is helpful, and advisable to avoid losing work.

    1. Event cover photo

      1. This should optimally be a 2:1 rectangle, of size 2160x1080px.

      2. If you would like a template, here's an Inkscape file you can add your title to and export as png svg to edit and export (log in to your @makeitlabs.com email to view)

      3. If you can't do that and don't have someone else to do it, here is a last resort default last resort event image

    2. Event title

      1. Short, engaging, descriptive.

      2. Double check spelling and capitalization

    1. Description

      1. This is the main information section.

      2. You can apply rich text formatting to this for use in Eventbrite, but all formatting will be lost in an export to Facebook.

      3. Here's a sample: sample description

    1. Date and time

      1. Pretty straightforward, but still easy to mess up.

    1. Tickets.

      1. Tickets are one of the most annoying parts of Eventbrite. Take extra care here, especially if you have copied a previous event.

      2. For each ticket type, you have to expand the ticket and individually set all the details, including the start and stop dates of ticket sales.

        1. You have to click on this settings button for ALL of the ticket types to change their settings and dates.

        1. This is the expanded ticket view. DOUBLE CHECK THE ticket sale dates!

      1. Eventbrite takes fees out of the ticket sales with a flat rate base plus a percentage. You can choose to include the fees in the displayed price (absorb), or pass the fees on (like a tax). It is a nicer user experience to choose the absorb option, but this is not the default!

      1. For many classes, there are three tiers of tickets; pro member, hobbyist member, general public. For anyone who is not a member attending, they MUST sign the waiver located at http://www.smartwaiver.com/v/makeitlabs4guest

      2. Also, you need to set a maximum number of tickets available for each ticket type. You can, in the bottom right of the ticket area, set a max limit for the event.

Publish, Post, Etc

    1. Once you publish the Event, to add it to the Facebook page, you'll need to ask for assistance from someone in the Social media or classes committees who have been added to the FB page.

    2. This will be under the event management. It is always a good idea to double check that the event actually gets posted to FB, as it does sometimes silently fail. If you would like to be added to the FB page, join the committee!

    1. Post on the Public Calendar:

      1. To first get the event on your private calendar, simply view the completed event, and there should be on the right hand column a link to "add to calendar"

      2. Open your @makeitlabs.com google calendar on a desktop machine (not from mobile):

        1. If "MakeIt Labs Public Calendar" appear under "My Calendars" as show below skip to 2.c.

        1. Otherwise:

        2. b.1. (you only have to do this the first time) In your web browser navigate to:

          1. http://www.makeitlabs.com/event-calendar

          2. At the bottom right click on:

          1. This will add "MakeIt Public Calendar" to your calendar

      1. Return to your calendar and click on the event to bring up details, and then click on the three dots option menu:

      1. Select “copy to MakeIt Labs public calendar” from the options -- this will bring into the edit view for your public calendar entry. If you do not see the copy to Public Calendar option, you'll need to first add the public calendar to your MakeIt labs calendar account. Go to http://www.makeitlabs.com/event-calendar/ and click the add button:

      1. Once the public calendar is in your list (even if it isn't made visible), you'll be able to copy the event to the public calendar:

      1. Click on “Rooms” next to “Guests” tab to reserve the appropriate rooms

      1. Edit the description to include the event description.

    1. Promote Event in other channels

      1. Mention your class in #space-classes

      2. Consider handouts or flyers for an open house

      3. Make sure that people have an opportunity to know the class is happening.