Printer Setup, Prusa i3 Mk3

Q: what do i need to do to get the printer ready

A: follow these steps.

1) Turn it on the power switch, located on the right hand side of the Prusa i3 Mk3, at the base of the power supply.

2) Preheat, Wait for the bed to warm up to 65C as seen on the display.

3) Load the filament with this procedure B. Filament handling

4) clean the build platform by wiping it with a small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol on a paper towel.

6a) Transfer the sliced file to a SD card and load it into the slot in the machine, on the left hand side of the front panel. Gently insert the card with the contacts facing towards you.

6b) or Connect to Octoprint for this printer, load the file

additional cleaning may be required:

    • Before printing in PETG you must ensure the PEI build surface is lightly coated with PVA glue (aka purple glue stick).

    • After printing in PETG you must clean off the PVA glue using warm/hot water and a paper towel

    • If something looks odd about the build surface, first wipe with warm water and paper towel, then IPA on paper towel. If it still has junk on it SEEK HELP.