Tubing Bender

MakeIt Labs owns a JDSquared Model 32 manual tubing bender. Relevant information below


Any member may request training on the tubing bender. Basics can be covered in a brief walk-through.  There is a combination lock securing the dies to prevent untrained members from using them. Please ask the Metal Fab RM for training. 

Current list of Dies

1.75" round

1" round

Important note on dies, tubing and pipe are not interchangeable. Tubing is sized based on its outside diameter, pipe based on it's inside diameter. 1" tubing will fit inside 1" pipe. You must use the correct dies for the material. There do exist pipe dies, but we do not own any. When in doubt please ask someone to help you confirm your material matches our dies. 


1. remove the cap screws from the floor mounts in the location you wish to use the bender. Locations are next to the auto plot and next to the auto lift. 

2. unbolt the tubing bender from the rolling stand

3. Align the bender over the mounting holes in the floor

4. Secure the bender to the floor with the bolts stored on the rolling stand. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THESE BOLTS, YOU CAN PULL THE ANCHORS OUT OF THE FLOOR!! Bolts only need to be barely snug. 

5. Install the appropriate dies and followers. 

Floor anchors

The anchors used currently are https://www.mcmaster.com/93980a150

Adhesive used https://www.mcmaster.com/92378a255

Applicator and extra adhesive are stored on the top of the pallet shelf.