Kiln Controller

I have 2 old Kiln's that don't have automatic control (ramp and hold profiling).  Such controllers exist, but are 1) 500+ $$$, 2) poor user interface, 3) don't communicate except via RS485... , 4) very bad UI, 5) no data logging.

So I've been working making a external controller for these type (add on). The following is a adapted project that started as a kickstater reflow oven controller.

The system has: 16x2 LCD display, SD card interface, capacitive touch 3 button interface, type K thermocouple interface, USB interface, 2 relay outputs.

Given that these PCBs aren't likely to be available (and I need 2 of them) There will be instructions on how to make this out of parts: Leonardo, thermocouple pcb, 16x2 display, key pad, relay, etc.  Note the code will fork at that time.

This is a work in progress:

Rev 0.3  - Initial release, revamp of RefloLeo code