RetroPie Setup


RetroPie is a operating system for the raspberry pi that is capable of emulating almost any game to a degree. As long as the raspberry pi has enough processing power to run both the emulator and the actual rom of on the emulator it can basically run  it. Keep in mind almost all games can be run with this setup with the exception of most modern games due to the fact a lot of games especially older ones don't take hardly any processing power to run.

MakeIt had acquired a raspberry pi with a RetroPie OS onboard after a MakeIt Labs member by the name of Noah Schreiber had donated it to the labs. If you have any question regarding the setup you can slack him or shoot him an email at

The Raspberry Pi has several components to it that you need to be made aware of in order to understand it's functionality.

These will be explained in more detail in this article.

SD Card

The micro SD card in the pi should not be removed period. There is absolutely no reason why it should be removed from the pi period. On it contains all the emulators, games, and the OS on board for the pi. Don't mess with it period.

Raspberry Pi

The raspberry pi contains a few things needed to use it. It has a psu and on off switch.

Do not by any means shut power off the pi without shutting off the RetroPie first. What this means is in the main menu in order to shut off the the device you do the following.

Game controllers

Majority of all games besides NDS, N64, and PS1 can use the controllers that come with the pi. The reason being is the RetroPie setup does not come with analog controllers so you are going to have to use your own. In order to setup a new controller with the RetroPie you must do the following.


If there is a game you want installed don't hesitate to shoot Noah a message. If there is something wrong with the RetroPie don't fix it yourself. Leave it up to Noah. Thanks!