RetroPie Setup


RetroPie is a operating system for the raspberry pi that is capable of emulating almost any game to a degree. As long as the raspberry pi has enough processing power to run both the emulator and the actual rom of on the emulator it can basically run it. Keep in mind almost all games can be run with this setup with the exception of most modern games due to the fact a lot of games especially older ones don't take hardly any processing power to run.

MakeIt had acquired a raspberry pi with a RetroPie OS onboard after a MakeIt Labs member by the name of Noah Schreiber had donated it to the labs. If you have any question regarding the setup you can slack him or shoot him an email at It is located upstairs next to the tv in the classroom on one of the DVD shelves. You will find a labeled box with everything you need to use it inside

The Raspberry Pi has several components to it that you need to be made aware of in order to understand it's functionality.

  1. The flash drive.

  2. The sd card.

  3. The raspberry pi 3 b+.

  4. Game controllers.

These will be explained in more detail in this article.

The flash drive

The 1 tb flash drive on the raspberry pi contains all information regarding the games along with the games themselves. You need the flash drive plugged into the pi in order to play games on it. Do not remove the flash drive while the device is powered. You will very easily risk breaking the flash drive in doing so. You may need to plug in the flash drive into the pi in order to use the gaming setup. The reason being is sometimes the flash drive is not plugged into the pi because the last person using it had remove it to store it better. You may remove the flash drive once it is powered off. Just make sure you store everything in the box with it because the next person that may want to use this otherwise wouldn't be able to find it.

SD Card

The micro SD card in the pi should not be removed period. There is absolutely no reason why it should be removed from the pi period. On it contains all the emulators and the OS on board for the pi. Don't mess with it period.

Raspberry Pi

The raspberry pi contains a few things needed to use it. It has a psu, on off switch, and a hdmi cable. The hdmi cable is plugged into the tv upstairs to use it. Just plug in the green cable in order to use it to the pi and make sure the tv is selected to hdmi 3 and volume is set to below 10% because the device does have volume set to very high on the pi. For this reason anything above 10% volume on the tv is very loud while playing with the retropie so be weary please.

Do not by any means shut power off the pi without shutting off the RetroPie first. What this means is in the main menu in order to shut off the the device you do the following.

  1. On the SNES game pads that are stored with the pi press "select" and "start" at the same time to exit any emulator besides the NDS emulator. NDS emulator requires a game pad with a right analog stick to exit it which is not included with the RetroPie setup at the labs. Not only that the PS1 emulator requires your controller to have two analog sticks just to play on the PS1 emulator but will most likely not allow to leave the emulator without a proper controller. Exiting the emulator is the same as with every other emulator besides the NDS emulator but requires two analog sticks to be able to do it even though analog sticks are not used for most games on the PS1.

  2. Press start with the SNES controllers and you will be taken to the options menu.

  3. You can completely shutdown the pi by clicking "Quit > Shutdown System".

  4. Turn off the power switch.

  5. Put everything away and stored properly the way you found it in the container on the DVD shelf.

Game controllers

Majority of all games besides NDS, N64, and PS1 can use the controllers that come with the pi. In order to play anything else you must use a third party controller with two analog sticks. The reason being is the RetroPie setup does not come with analog controllers so you are going to have to use your own. In order to setup a new controller with the RetroPie you must do the following.

  1. Plug in the controller to one of the USB ports on the pi.

  2. Start up the RetroPie properly as described above.

  3. You will be prompted with a menu for configuring the controller. Follow all the instructions until you reach the hotkey button configuration

  4. On the SNES controllers the hotkey is the select button. If you have no buttons available that are not used already you may press the select button on your remote to use as a hotkey. Keep in mind buttons can serve a dual purpose on the RetroPie. If not you can use another button on your remote to use as a hotkey which will need to be pressed along with the start button at the same time to exit almost every emulator besides the NDS.

  5. If you screwed this up this is an easy fix. Plug in one of the SNES controllers to the pi. Press start. And from there click configure controller and follow the directions by using the controller you want to reconfigure. Do not use the SNES controllers while doing this otherwise Noah Schreiber will have to reconfigure it himself. The SNES controllers are to only be used to get you into the configure controller menu with this.

NDS Gameplay Usage

The Nintendo DS emulator on the RetroPie uses the drastic emulator. For this reason it is played extremely differently than all other emulators on the Pi which means you will need to configure your personal controller for it just to play it.

  1. Push right on the right analog stick.

  2. Use the d-pad to hover over "Configure Controls" and use the "B" button to select it.

  3. To change controls press "B" over the control you want to change and then press the button or move the analog stick to the preferred direction to change it to whatever you want you want it to.

  4. Then if you want to change the optional controls select "optional controls" with the "B" button and change those if you want to. This step is rather optional.

  5. To save the settings go to the drastic controls menu and select whether you want to save the controller setting for all games or just one particular.

  6. You will be brought to the Drastic main menu. Click return to game to return to the game you were playing. If you wish to exit the game go to the drastic main menu by pressing right on the right analog stick and then select "exit drastic".


If there is a game you want installed don't hesitate to shoot Noah a message. If there is something wrong with the RetroPie don't fix it yourself. Leave it up to Noah. Thanks!