Press Release

This text should form the basis of any background information used for publicity. Feel free to make minor edits and tweaks as needed.

MakeIt Labs is a community-oriented, shared workspace where engineers, developers, students and just about anyone can visit and participate in a wide range of activities. We started in July 2010 as a place where a small group of people that were interested in electronics, programming, and making things could socialize, work on projects together and share our tools and resources.

At the beginning of 2011 we were quickly out growing our increasingly cramped space in Lowell, MA. It was difficult for more than a handful of us to work at the same time, and we had noisy machinery operating 10ft away from where people were trying talk to one another. To remedy our working space issues we started to search for a new home across the border in Nashua, NH. After passing on a few places we found our current location at the train yard side 29 Crown St. It has room to grow and allows us to make our own decisions about how the space will be constructed and used.

Since receiving the keys to our new location we have been hard at work making it home. Moving everything from Lowell to Nashua took a little more work than your average weekend apartment move. We have some very heavy equipment and furnishings that required some coordination and outside help to get transported. At our new location we have built a separate clean space with electronics workstations, benches, desks, computers, and a lounge. We can finally teach someone how to program a microprocessor in the clean space while someone else learns how to cut large pieces of metal in half in the workshop area. In this larger construction and fabrication space we have setup areas for metalworking, welding, machining, hand tools and work benches for general use. There is an automotive area with a Rotary 9,000lb 2 post asymmetrical hydraulic lift and by the end of June we will have installed a brand new laser cutter that will enable us to create all types of amazing things. In addition to what is already set up, we have numerous ideas and plans to make use of different parts of the space for things like crafts, woodworking, bike repair and much more.

Our new space also gives us the ability to increase our education component, and we plan to offer formal classes on many different fabrication and technology related subjects in the near future. Our goal is to foster creativity by providing the knowledge, tools, and technology necessary to turn ideas into realities. If you can dream it, you can MakeIt!

MakeIt Labs is located on the back side of 29 Crown St. in Nashua, NH. Visit our website for more information.

If the main purpose is to announce our Re-Opening Party, add this:

MakeIt Labs will be having a party on Saturday July 2nd starting at 2pm to celebrate officially re-opening. Come see how far we've advanced, and how much space and cool stuff we have to play with. Whether you're interested in being a full time member, a casual visitor, or just a friend of the space, we would love to show you around. If you’ve visited in the past, it’s time for us to catch up and if you're new to our space, we are looking forward to meeting you!