6. It's printing

Q: I can haz Printing?

A: soon.... soon, well maybe not so soon.

1) Watch the first layer. If there are any issues, cancel the print and recheck the build platform calibration. First Layer Video

2) Monitor the print as needed. The time remaining can be displayed on by selecting print statics on the menu.

3) Monitor filament spool feed. If there are "noises" it will jam up and "air print".

4) The RFID timer will count down from 15mins. Use the RFID to set the timer to 15mins again each time. 

5) Should the timer run out it will go into a "Cold Pause". To "un-paused" use the RFID and then select unpause on the menu.

6) Never place hands or other body parts in the printer while there is chance of being burned on the nozzle or pinched in the gantry.

7) wait... wait some moar....