Our Tormach machine is equipped with an automatic oiler system which provides a measured amount of lubricating oil to the way surfaces and ball nuts on a periodic basis.  The oiler is located on the left hand side of the gray base of the unit.  The oiler holds 2 liters of lubricating oil, and it has a persistent electronic timer which is programmed to dispense oil for 12 seconds, every 4 hours.  Note that the oiler is only powered when the spindle contactor is powered.  This means the machine will not be lubricated during long stretches of 'cutting air' or other circumstances when the spindle is not powered but the X, Y and Z axes may be moving.  Pay special attention to these cases and manually operate the oiler by pressing and holding the FUNCTION button.  It is easy to see when the oiler is powered, as its displays are lit up.  Note that opening the drawbar access door will disengage the contactor.

Before operating the machine, always check the oil level.  If it is below half full, please let the resource manager know, or carefully top it up if you feel comfortable doing so.  The lubricant is stored in the front storage compartment of the base of the Tormach.  The oiler system also has an audible alarm that will sound if it gets too low (much lower than 1/2 full).  If this happens, stop the machine and immediately let the resource manager know.

If you are topping up the oiler and the jug of oil is low, let the resource manager know.

We currently use way oil sold by Tormach, part #31386 which is repackaged Perkins Perlube WL-68.  Other acceptable way oil may be used, at the discretion of the resource manager: Shell Tonna 68, Mobile Vactra #2, Sunoco Way-Lube 68, Texaco Waylube 68, or Esso Febis 68.

In some cases the oiling system may become clogged.  It is the resource manager's job to check the state of the oiler and perform maintenance as necessary.  The oil line schematic is shown below.  Refer to this tech note on the Tormach site for flushing the oiler system.