Wood Shop

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Safety First

Each piece of equipment has it own unique safety rules. Reading and understanding all safety documents is a must. Everyone should be taking personal responsibility for his or her own personal safety in the wood shop. With so many new woodworkers joining it is important to reinforce the things that may seem like common sense to an experienced woodworker. Even experienced woodworkers can always use a refresher on these key safety attitudes:

Additional safety guidelines can be found here

Tools & Status

SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw


Harvey 15" Bandsaw


DeWalt 12" Miter Saw


Ryobi Scroll Saw


Delta 6" Jointer


Grizzly 20" Planer


Next Wave Shark CNC Router Table


Needs parts, initial setup, and calibration.

Incra Router Table


Nova Lathe


Craftsman Lathe


Wen Drill Press


Jet Belt Sander


Table supports broken.  Better ones being fabricated.

Wen Spindle Sander


Rikon Belt Sander


General Info & Rules

Questions about anything shop related should be directed to the Wood Shop Resource Manager, Mathew.Marulla@makeitlabs.com, or posted in the resource-wood-shop channel on Slack.  General woodworking discussions, not specifically related to the shop or its tools, should go in the general-woodworking channel.

Anyone wishing to use the Wood Shop needs to be a member in good standing and must complete the MakeIt Labs Wood Shop Safety & Orientation Class.  This is conducted once per month, generally on the first Wednesday, but additional classes may be scheduled based on demand.  You can sign up in the MakeItLabs Class Schedule.  Note that the bandsaw and lathes are not covered in the orientation - there are separate classes which are scheduled aperiodically.

Before leaving the Shop, it must be returned to as-found or better condition. This includes, but is not limited to, sweeping the floor, vacuuming dust from tools, putting hand and power tools back in their proper homes, etc.

Any work on reclaimed material will not be done without prior approval of the Wood Shop Resource Manager.  In determining if the work can be done on MakeItLab's equipment, the Wood Shop Resource Manager may consider:

Shop users agree to follow Wood Shop Resource Manager's directives, including leaving the shop if not following the shop rules.  Repeated violation of these rules is cause for losing shop privileges and other membership privileges pending Board of Directors decision.  The user may be responsible for any equipment or shop damage due to negligence.