Glass Fusing

Glass Fusing open for business!


Respirator or mask recommended for cutting and grinding

You must take a brief RM orientation before working on projects or using the cutting tools. DM Joanne Manning for orientation!

No one is allowed to use or open the kiln except RAs. Please do not go near that space.

Be mindful of the ceramics studio we share space with. All glass must be worked on one of the four workspaces. The cutting table has some tools that make it easier to do basic cuts. We have all manner of glass cutting tools – we recommend taking Glenn Della Monica’s glass cutting classes for beginners.

Fusing and slumping are the only kiln processes we are doing at this time.

We use COE 90 glass but as long as you use the same COE glass on the entire project you can use COE 90 or 98.

We do not allow liquor or wine bottles or any glass that has paint or any kind of fin ish.

We have some glass for basic training during orientation but once you are through that, it is byog!

We will do 2 fusings a week, as needed, one fuse and one slump.

Leave your projects for slump or fuse on the marked shelf.

Finished projects will be placed on the cafeteria cart.