Auto Lift

Resource Manager Ian Cook

IMPORTANT - As of 6/6/2017 we have replaced our old lift with a new one, and some features are different.  For that reason, anyone who wants to use the lift needs to be re-trained. We’ll be holding classes as often as possible, check our Eventbrite page to sign up.  This is FREE for everyone who has previously been trained on the old lift.  If you try to use the lift prior to being trained, you will be disappointed, and we will be unsympathetic.

Reserving the lift area to work on your vehicle without using the lift itself is fine.



Reservations are made in blocks of 1 hour each.  The automotive PC has tools for estimating the length of time required for certain jobs.  Reserve 150% of the time you expect to need for a job.  For large jobs that may require a day or more of uninterrupted lift time, please contact Ian Cook before scheduling.

Scheduling of use can be found on the Member Site.