RFID Based Vending Machines

I've procured two vending machines to use for this project:

The plan is to add an RFID interface to these machines so that members can deposit funds into their personal account, then use their RFID card to buy drinks and food (or whatever else I manage to fit into the machines).  

Drinkbot - Dixie-Narco Pepsi Stack 501 Magnum Circular Door (Parts Manual)

Foodbot - Snackshop 4000 (Manual)

Non-food things to put in foodbot:

AA / AAA / 9V battery packs

Electronic components such as Arduino boards (once RFID is up and running)


Drink bot operates on a single set price for all drinks.  This can be changed once the RFID system is in place by having the system debit a users account for one amount (say, $2 for a Redbull), then tell the machine $0.75 was deposited and allow it to vend.  This would involve a few changes to the machine.  "Control Board" (CB) refers to the one I will be building.  My current plan is to have the machine operate normally with change and dollars, with all drinks the same price, and special drinks (more expensive, beer, etc.) disabled by the CB by making the machine think they are sold out.  When someone uses an RFID card on the machine, it will activate all selections and debit the account accordingly.  In the future I may have the control board totally replace the current control system and handle all transactions.  Plans needed for this stage are in blue.

Inputs to CB:

Outputs from CB:


Normal Mode -

RFID Mode -