Laser Use Policies

    1. Laser may be used ONLY by people who have attended a laser usage and safety class, and have been authorized to do so.

    2. Laser is generally available on a first-come first-serve basis. In certain cases the laser (and room ) may be reserved for training and/or other events. These will show up in the “MakeIt Labs Area Reservation Calendar” on Google calendar, and/or the notice board in the laser room.

    3. Only approved materials (as discussed in class and listed in references Wiki or Rabbit site), via established methods may be cut/engraved. Special permission must be granted for any exceptions.

    4. If you have broken/damaged something, or notice that something is broken or damaged, report it immediately to

    5. When operating the laser, the operator must be present and attentive to the operation being done. This means they must remain in the room, and be on constant watch for problems, malfunctions and fires.

    6. Laser hood and all all machine doors must be closed when operating the laser. DO NOT override any of the mechanical overlocks.

    7. Proper eye protection must be used when operating the laser by all people in the vicinity.

    8. When operating the laser, you are responsible for your own safety, the safety of the equipment, and the safety of the people around you with respect to this equipment.

    9. The only fire extinguishers that may be used on the laser are the large Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and small Halotron extinguishers in the room. No other extinguishers may be used are are permitted in the room. Use of other liquids (including water) is also prohibited.

    10. Materials left on the materials rack are free for use, unless it is labeled with someone’s name on it.

    11. Only laser-appropriate materials shall be put on the materials rack. If you are unsure of a material, do not put it on the rack.

    12. Before throwing materials from laser bed into trash, allow a short cool-down period to be assure that no smoldering materials could start a trash fire.

    13. Upon leaving the room:

      1. Shut off laser, lights, heat (wall thermostat) and the HEPA filter on the floor of the room.

      2. Remove debris and unused materials from laser bed. Vacuum bed if required

      3. Empty the trash if near full.

    14. Failure to follow these rules may result in loss of laser-use privileges.