King Cheezbot

The amazing, wonderful 3D printer project that's really not going too well unfortunately: ALL HAIL YE MIGHTY KING CHEEZBOT.

It's big, it's heavy, it's yellow, it's behind schedule and way over budget. But I think it'll be pretty cool. The project has served as the excuse I needed to join the labs, and I'm hoping that the tools at the labs and insight of other members will help me to finish it.

It's based on a design called Hackerbot: I found it on the reprap wiki and sourced the parts. Later on it was offered as a kit which would have made my life way easier.

My decision to build Hackerbot was based on a few design factors I felt were desirable:

My build is based on the early-2014 version of Hackerbot, but with a few changes:

Miscellaneous fuck-ups so far: