Rotary Tool


To use the rotary tool, you must be authorized to operate the Rabbit laser. You are also required to have either taken an in-person class on use of the rotary tool, or watch the online video training below (about 32 minutes).

Video Refreshers

Usage Checklist

    1. Power on laser, Home-XY.

    2. Remove rotary tool and board from wall place on laser bed.

    3. Align board to laser with either of the two methods:

      1. Align bottom of board to edge of metal honeycomb

      2. Load 40mm x 40mm square job to laser - move laser to test square on wooden board - press "test" and visually correct alignment

    4. Drop laser bed very far DOWN

    5. Place workpiece onto Rotary tool

      1. Loosen adjustment knob - size tool for your piece so it fits and freely turns on wheels - re-tighten

      2. Use level to make sure top-edge is level - use height adjustment knob to correct

    1. Move head of laser directly over workpiece, so that the laser sits over the high-point (centerline) of the piece.


    1. Connect rotary attachment to DIN jack beneath keypad. (Alignment notch TOWARDS you).

      1. Make sure cable is free and clear of gantry and belt!

    2. Power on laser (and badge-in)

    3. Change Laser settings for Rotation - In LaserCut Software...

      1. Change Y-Axis Pulse settings:

        1. Under "File" menu...

        2. Select "Machine Options"....

        3. Go to "Worktable" Tab

        4. Look for field (upper right) "Y-Axis (Pulse Unit)"

        5. Change value to the "Rotation" value on placard on front of laser

        6. Hit "Save"

        7. Hit "OK" to confirm changes

        8. Close Machine options window

      2. Download new settings to Laser

        1. Hit "Download" button on left of screen

        2. Press "Download CFG" button

        3. Press "Yes" to confirm

        4. (Laser should immediately beep)

      1. Check travel of laser on your workpiece. "X" travel speed should be the same as the "Y" - both about 1 inch per second.

    1. Rock your piece back-and-forth a bit by pressing the ("Y") "up" and "down" buttons on the laser. Make sure it doesn't slide around and rotates firmly on the wheels. If it does not, you may use weights, nubbin, or better placement to try to get more solid traction.

    2. Prepare and download your file for engraving - remember - you will need to rotate it 90 to align with the vertical axis (orientation) of your piece on the tool.

    3. Test and "go" as needed.

Cleanup/Breakdown Checklist

    1. Go through procedure #10 (above) again to set Y-Axis pulse unit - but this time set the number back to the (original) LINEAR value on the placard. (This will be the same as the "X" value).

  1. Power off laser

    1. Unplug wiring harness from laser by pressing in release on DIN connector all the way while pulling connector from jack.

    2. Make sure harness is coiled, velcro'ed, secured to board and out-of the way.

    3. Power On laser

    4. Verify that with tool disconnected - that laser travel rates for "X" and "Y" are still both equal (about 1" per second on both axis). If not, please re-do step #1.

    5. Press Zero-XY to home gantry and get out of way.

    6. Remove board/tool and hang back on wall.

More on Engraving

More information on engraving can be found here. Specifically, using GIMP to prepare bitmap images for engraving.