Using LaserCut 5.3 Elsewhere

While full functionality is only available on the Laser-attached PC, you can install a copy of LaserCut 5.3 elsewhere for prepping projects.



    1. Install Wine (eg sudo apt-get install wine)

    2. Install Winetricks (sudo apt-get install winetricks)

    3. Install MFC 42 Drivers in Wine (winetricks mfc42)

  1. Download and extract LaserCut Software archive

    1. Install LaserCut 5.3 under Wine (wine <path_you_extracted_files_to>/setup.exe)

    2. Create link for LaserCut 5.3 DEMO version (Lasercut53_demo.exe)

      • eg, Link path should be 'env WINEPREFIX="/home/makeitlabs/.wine" wine C:\\LaserCut53\\LaserCut53_Demo.exe'

    3. Launch LaserCut 5.3 and see "Configuration" below


  1. Download and extract LaserCut 5.3 software

    1. Run setup.exe

    2. See "Configuration" below to copy MakeIt's configuration file.

    3. In the folder where you installed LaserCut, launch "LaserCut53_Demo.exe" (LaserCut53.exe will fail, do NOT use this file)


    1. Install Wine and Winetricks (

    2. Follow steps 4-7 of Linux install


To make your projects work on the MakeIt Labs big laser cutter, the configuration needs to match. To do this:

    1. Download the syscfg.ini file for the MakeIt Labs laser

    2. Copy the syscfg.ini file to the Wine directory where LaserCut 5.3 is installed

      • eg cp syscfg.ini /home/<username>/.wine/drive_c/LaserCut53/

Use and Limitations

The Demo version of the software does not require a softdongle, but it does have two major restrictions:

No "Save" or "Save As"

Workaround: When ready to save, exit the software - it will helpfully prompt you to save the file. :)

No "Open"

Workaround 1: Saved files can be opened on the MakeIt Labs dongle-attatched PC, so do your rough import/definition work on the file and any final work at the space.

Workaround 2: Export the file as DXF or PLT, then Import. This is a terrible option, so really focus on doing your from-scratch design work in a tool that can export DXF, then use LaserCut to import and adjust for cutting, not to modify shapes.