Using LaserCut 5.3 Elsewhere

While full functionality is only available on the Laser-attached PC, you can install a copy of LaserCut 5.3 elsewhere for prepping projects.






To make your projects work on the MakeIt Labs big laser cutter, the configuration needs to match. To do this:

Use and Limitations

The Demo version of the software does not require a softdongle, but it does have two major restrictions:

No "Save" or "Save As"

Workaround: When ready to save, exit the software - it will helpfully prompt you to save the file. :)

No "Open"

Workaround 1: Saved files can be opened on the MakeIt Labs dongle-attatched PC, so do your rough import/definition work on the file and any final work at the space.

Workaround 2: Export the file as DXF or PLT, then Import. This is a terrible option, so really focus on doing your from-scratch design work in a tool that can export DXF, then use LaserCut to import and adjust for cutting, not to modify shapes.