Ceramics Policies


A brief checkout with a resource manager is required. Please join the ceramics Slack Channel.


- Yes, we have an air purifier running, but please WET WIPE to clean any clay to reduce airborne dust.

- If you sweep, please wear a mask and ensure others around you are also wearing a mask…or just use water/mop.


- While we supply tools, shared tools are less sharp and we recommend you source your own basic tools. There are a few kits we will stock for resale.

- The bats are mostly for larger flat pieces; while learning please don’t use the bats as the supply is limited. The wheels have concentric circles making it easier to center anyway.

- Do NOT put clay in the sink…we have a reclaim system in place which we will go over with you at your initial checkout. if you are unhappy with your piece and want to recycle the clay - or if you have residual clay from sculptures/throwing.

Clay and Glazes

- Make-It Labs will only fire Mid-Fire/Cone 5-6 clay.

- If you are simply using the space to sculpt/throw, but plan to fire elsewhere, you may use any clay, but DO NOT mix this clay in the reclaim bucket.


- Based on your membership level, you will have your own storage space.

- Hobbyist: One third of red shelves outside of the kiln room furthest away.

- Pro: Half of red shelves outside the kiln room.

- Please store all your in-progress pieces, tools, aprons and other materials in your cubby and label.

- If your piece is ready for bisque fire or glaze fire, place it on the appropriate firing shelves.

- Items left for more than 30 days will be removed at the resource managers discretion. Please make sure you label your items.


- Leave the space better than you found it! Cleaning can take a good half hour after throwing, so consider that when you start and plan that extra time into your throwing schedule.

- WET WIPE any counters or tools you use. If you made a mess, clean it. If the space is dusty: mop. Leave the sink clean and free of clay.

- It is expected members spend extra time cleaning the area around them as well as the work area due to the large number of extra responsibilities the RM’s have. All tools, materials, tables, stools and equipment used should be wiped down and returned to the proper location. We will review best cleanup practices at checkout.”


- No firing can be guaranteed. Make-It-Labs is not responsible for any broken or damaged pieces during the firing process.

- There are shelves available for pieces ready to be bisque and glaze fired.

- Only use the glazes we have in the studio. If you’d like to buy your own, please ask Resource Managers first to make sure we can fire.

- Firings are generally done when the shelves are near to full. Once the kiln is fired and unloaded, a notice is sent to the Ceramics Channel on Slack. Work should be picked up within 2 weeks of bisque or glaze firing. Studio will remove work that has been left for more than 30 days.