COVID FaceShield Laser Manufacturing

Manufacturing Instructions

in general, we are manufacturing the Delve mask with the file, below. This file will typically already be loaded on the laser from the last person who ran it. This in theory means you should just have to pull the material through from the roll behind the laser and press "go".

When pulling the material through - the PET material should be pulled to the cyan marks The PET should slightly overlap the tape on the left and right sides. This should form an almost perfect air seal, with the vacuum holding the PET down to the honeycomb.

After the end of the job, the laser should return to the home position. This position should be just slightly to the left of the "<13" mark. The laser should mark must be to the left of the tape - as it should not actually touch the tape. (This is the rightmost corner/edge of the design - and the design should not cut the tape.

If there is any question - you should be able to press the "test" button - which will trace a giant "bounding box" of the entire design. This will run up and down the left and right edges and across the top and bottom sides. When doing so, the [red] laser [dot] should never  go over the tape, and should always stay within the bounds of the PET. (This is showing the area which will be cut).

If you need to adjust the exact start position you can use the arrow keys.

(As with any laser keys, if it doesn't do what you want and "beeps" instead - you are in the wrong "mode". Press the "ESC" key to change into correct mode).

The design should take about 2 minutes to cut. When done, careful remove the shields - place the good parts under the tarp in the event room. Place any torn/ripped/bad parts on the desk by the Full Spectrum. Then reset the material and start again.

PLEASE before cutting - use scisors and remove any excess material hanging out of the material and put in a safe disposal box. (This WILL become a trip/slip hazard and when it does - it pulls the material in the laser and can ruin your cut).

As always - use proper hygene. Wipe down surfaces, handles, keyboards, doorknobs and controls when done. (But do not spray controlls directly - spray paper towel and wipe controls - do not get liquid in keys or display pads).

If full PET rolls are not available - you may have to use sheets.

Delve Faceshield

For someone trying to create these using your own laser cutter or vinyl cutter the SVG file is linked below as Delve 13x9.svg

On the Laser PC at MakeIt Labs you should find and use faceshield_bkg_13.ecp 

There are variants, including one called faceshield_ssr_14.ecp. You should be cutting the 13" width one.

Budmen Faceshield

The Budmen V3 is a common 3D printed Faceshield frame design. The faceshield is the same as Delve with the addition of four holes to accept the pegs on the frame. 

The faceshield_budman_bkg.ecp found on the MakeIt Labs Laser PC will cut the holes necessary for the Budmen V3. 

The Budmen V4 is a similar configuration of holes, but also has tabs on the side to retain the shield. This keeps the shield from popping off if it is placed on its side. These tabs will require notches to be cut in the sides of the shield to accommodate the tabs. A prototype SVG file below has yet to be tested on the laser but shows the placement of the holes for the Budmen V3 and the notches for the Budmen V4.  Also shown is the optional use of a standard letter size sheet of clear material as an improvised shield. The holes are 1/2" with 3" between the holes.

Wilson Faceshield

The Wilson and Wilson V4.2 have the same peg configuration as the Budmen, and so can take the same shields. 

Mystery Faceshield

This 3D printed design was adapted from one that was originally lasercut. - 

The faceshield_mystery_bkg.ecp found on the MakeIt Labs Laser PC will cut the holes necessary for the Mystery Frame.

 Please create and upload SVG versions of


    Budmen V3 holes

    Budmen V4 holes plus notches