COVID-19 3D-Print Projects

Main document for all Covid-19-projects can be found here. This page was updated 05/06/20 @ 9:00PM EDT

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People and Communication

  • To get started as a 3D Printing volunteer -------->>>>> Fill out this form <<<<<----------

  • We will contact you with details about how to join the Slack group and weekly video conference

  • We have created a Slack community specifically for coordinating our 3D printing efforts with people outside of MakeIt Labs

    • The MakeIt Labs Project Lead/Contact is David Hayden ( )

  • If all else fails, send an email to - please be patient for responses, there's a lot going on

3D-Print Projects Look here for what you can do! (updated 4/22/2020 @ 11:30PM EDT)

  • Face Shield Frames

    • We will continue to take as many of these as you can print.

    • In order to assist our clients in identifying the material we have added versions of the STL files for Wilson and Flat Budmen with PLA/ABS/PETG stamped into them. This is the only difference between these files. Please use the correct one based on the material you are printing with. ( This adds 1 minute of print time over the "other" version with out the marking )

    • We are currently asking you to print one of the following frame designs:

        • Wilson V5 ( PLA, ABS, PETG, other ) [ 1 hour 11 minutes, 8.19 meters ]

        • original Wilson Strap Rubber Band ( stl )

        • Wilson Strap Lock ( stl )

        • WIlson Strap Adjustable Loop ( stl )

        • Flat Budmen V3 ( PLA, ABS, PETG, other ) [ 1 hour 3 minutes, 7.11 meters ]

    • For PLA we recommend printing .3 mm height, 2 shells, 2 top, 2 bottom, 10% infill

    • We will take any remaining Budmen V4 or Wilson V4.2 that you have, but please switch to one of the models above.

  • Surgical Mask Strap Extenders (aka Comfort Straps)

    • We will continue to take as many of these as you can print

    • These are very popular with medical staff

    • If you can fit one or two of these on your build plate with a frame please do so. They will add about 15 minutes per strap.

      • The design called "Surgical Mask Strap Remix" is available on Thingiverse [ 15 minutes, 1.33 meters ]

    • We have done a remix of this design with a label to indicate what material the strap is printed with. ( PLA, ABS, PETG )

    • If someone is feeling ambitious it would be nice to redesign this so you could print stacks of these reliably.

  • Bias Tape Maker ( for your reference )

    • If you know someone making cloth masks they may appreciate having one or two of these made

    • It is a tool to help automatically fold material for sewing in such a manner as to create a strap which can be used for mask ties

    • This can be found on Thingiverse, the one we have tested takes a 4 cm strip of cloth and creates a 1 cm strap

    • We are not currently asking you to make any of these but its a cool design that you may find useful

  • Mega Wilson (Faceshield for Dentists)

    • For your reference we have included an STL file for the Mega Wilson.

    • It was designed in consultation with a dentist and allows the loupe to fit comfortably inside the shield.

    • It is based on a Wilson V5 with slightly deeper profile.

    • Mega WIlson V5 ( STL ) [1 hour 31 min 10.54 meters]

3D Print Logisitics

  • Safety:

    • Please do not print things for us if you are in a location with a known COVID-19 patient. If you or someone in your household becomes ill, please let us know right away!

      • Please take reasonable care with hygiene while printing and handling materials.

      • We will treat everything that comes in to us as if it is covered in virus, but reasonable precautions on your side can make a difference.

      • Thank you!

    • Packaging:

      • Faceshield Frames

        • Pack up to XX Flat Budmen or Wilsons into a 1 gallon ziplock bag

        • Pack Mask Extender into a quart size zip lock bag

    • Mark the bag with

          • Your name

          • The date packaged

          • The number and model printed

          • The material used

      • Seal the bag only enough to keep items from falling out ( we want to allow any moisture to evaporate )

    • Drop-off locations:

      • In the Nashua area you can drop your donations off at MakeIt Labs / 25 Crown Street / Nashua NH 03060

        • We have an open storage container by the front door to accept donations ( packaged as noted above )

        • If you dont see the storage container (not the trashcan! ) ring the door bell for assistance.

        • If all else fails you can leave the bag by the front door and send a message on Slack.

      • Other locations will be announced when available

      • If you are unable to drop off your donations send us a message on Slack and we will try to accommodate you

3D Printer Signup form

  • If you have a printer or printers available and would like to contribute, please click through to the Printer Signup/Registration form and register your printer:

  • It will help us keep in touch with you and provide important updates