COVID Budmen Faceshield Assembly

Directions for assembling / building Budmen 3d printed faceshields

This document describes how to assemble a shipment of Budmen 3d printed PPE faceshields.

Contents of each container:

    • 10 Budmen frames ‒ cleaned with bleach prior to packing

    • 30 non latex rubber bands

    • 12 shields, 8.75”x11.25” PVC ‒ cleaned with soap/water prior to packing.

    • 1 roll of weatherstrip in original sealed container

You need

    • A pair of sanitized scissors

    • Optionally, super glue


    1. Prepare and sanitize your work area. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

    2. Sanitize the frames, shields and bands with soap and water.

    3. Cut weatherstrip to 10 pieces of 9.5”

    4. The weather strip has an adhesive backing. This adhesive will peel away in gaps when the frame is not being worn. This is useful if you need to remove the weather strip to sanitize the frame and apply fresh weatherstrip. Optionally, you can glue to weather strip to the frame.

    1. Attach the shield to the visor by lining up the 2 front pegs on the visor to the middle 2 holes in the shield and pressing the shield onto the visor. Do the same for the pegs/holes on either side.

    1. Your kit had one frame with 2 looped rubber bands on it to hold the visor on the head. Some people may be more comfortable with 3 rubber bands.

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