COVID-19 Face Shields

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Project Lead/Inquiries: Alexander Bissell

MakeIt Labs is currently concentrating on three types of face shields, all of which use PET sheets that are laser cut. All except the Origami design are cut using the template for the Delve faceshield. 

Frameless Faceshield (Delve, Origami)


Laser cut shield, Assembled with foam/elastic

Our current "recipe" comes from

Here's a one-page summary of the design: PAGE2 US LETTER.pdf

The template for the shape of the shield:

As a DXF: Open-Source-Face-Shield-v4-Drawing.dxf

Origami (being tested/vetted as of 04/01/20 10:00PM, looking good so far)

CNC Cut (Laser, Waterjet) Faceshield Frame (Wilson)

Wilson (designed at MakeIt Labs)

Mega Wilson Faceshield for Dentists (designed at MakeIt Labs)

3D Printed Faceshield Frame

3D-Printed "Budmen" Faceshields

3d-Printed "Wilson" Faceshield

           Instructions and files for creating Faceshields can be found here

            How to Quickly Count Shields by weight

                    How to use count bulk products such as face shields using our shipping scale at MakeIt Labs (primer document by Steve Richardson)

PET donations

Makeit Labs has received a donation of multiple rolls of PET plastic in both 0.010" and 0.0135" thickness, and a variety of widths.

Materials from McMaster-Carr:

Makeit Labs is meeting with die cutters with available bandwidth to accelerate production, but is also making sheets available to area makerspaces, and working to coordinate more national level supply chain logistics.

Process to request PET

1) Contact with "PET REQUEST" in the subject line

2) Provide contact info:

- Who are you

- What group are you part of

- What hospital(s) or facilities are you working with

- How much can you use

Additional info: (from Bill, loosely interpreted) Updated 3/25/20 @ 2:35PM EST